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SCARFE Consulting is an independent information technology company which specializes in geographic and related technologies, project management, strategic planning, application development, and business process re-engineering.

Why Choose SCARFE

All too often, businesses are focused on their daily needs and have a difficult time planning more efficient and streamlined business operations.  Sometimes that "quick fix" becomes standard operating procedure.  SCARFE Consulting knows that successful  technology projects are driven by the people and processes behind them.  At SCARFE Consulting, we  strive to eliminate process inefficiencies, leverage existing technology, address changing needs, streamline operations, and implement new technology when appropriate.  This is accomplished through the alignment of the client's business goals, their system users, the team culture and their business operations with the right technology solutions. With extensive industry experience, SCARFE Consulting brings leadership that delivers sound methodology to successfully execute projects within budget and on time. 

Company History

SCARFE Consulting, established in 2002, is owned and managed by Danielle Scarfe who is a respected independent consultant with 30 years of consulting and project management experience in the field of Geographic Information Systems within the U.S. and abroad.  Focusing on her belief of aligning people, process and technology, Danielle is considered a subject matter expert in an array of GIS disciplines working with federal, state, and local public sector as well as private organizations.


SCARFE Consulting is certified with the following agencies:

  • Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) with the State of Illinois Central Management Services

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the Illinois Unified Certification Program (participating agencies include Illinois Department of Transportation, City of Chicago, Chicago Transit Authority, Metra and Pace)

  • Small, Women and Minority-Owned (SWaM) with the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity  

  • Disadvantaged, Small and Micro Business with the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity. 

  • Pending Disadvantaged Business Enterprise with New Jersey Transit.

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