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Project Management

Critical to a successful project is the ability of your project manager to plan and execute tasks, organize the project details, and manage project resources. SCARFE Consulting provides project management veterans for your complex technology projects. We believe in building a collaborative culture, providing highly communicative, detail-oriented project managers, and following best practices for project management.

Geographic Information Systems Consulting

SCARFE Consulting has extensive industry experience in municipal, utility, environmental, health, and emergency service GIS projects. We look to industry best practices to assist you in successfully reaching your project goals and implementing innovative, yet pragmatic solutions. SCARFE Consulting also believes in a collaborative environment by partnering with other respected GIS business partners securing a strong team to ensure you are provided with the best and cost-efficient solutions. 

Business Process Analysis and Re-Engineering

Business process analysis provides a comprehensive view and assessment of your current operational activities, defines performance measures and develops recommendations for improving these activities. SCARFE Consulting works with you to provide meaningful, relevant results that improve your operations.  This is accomplished by mapping current workflows, identifying areas to streamline, leveraging technology where appropriate, and designing more effective staff roles and responsibilities.

Strategic Planning

Knowing where you are now, determining where you want to go, and how you intend to get there is critical to your success. Strategic planning lays out a road map defining the strategy and steps you will need to meet your business goals. SCARFE Consulting assesses your current business operations, provides short and long-term recommendations, develops the work plan, prioritizes projects, and examines the organizational structure to get to where you want to be.

Needs Assessment

SCARFE Consulting provides needs assessment services to evaluate and document areas of process, resources, and technology gaps and overlap.  A gap analysis is performed to compare existing conditions while measuring them against current initiatives and the industry-standard of best practices.  Needs Assessments are used to provide sustainable organization, data, and technical related recommendations for improvements.  Immediate, short and long-term goals are defined to identify where efficiencies can be gained to better support your resources, improve your services, and streamline coordination and communication across your business units.

Inter-Agency Facilitation

SCARFE Consulting is known for its expertise in fostering strong communication, coordination, and developing accepted common goals in complex, multi-departmental or muti-agency projects. With excellent communication and organizational skills, SCARFE Consulting has a proven track record for successfully managing stakeholder needs, controlling the project plan, and providing guidance and leadership to the project team. 

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